Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finally Home

After 17 hours (not evem including wait times at gates, baggage,etc)of traveling, I'm finally home!
Every time I go through long trips like that, I am reminded of how much I love my little Pumpkin! I could easily take a 10 hour straight flight from San Francisco to Manila, but just the thought of putting her in cargo or leaving her behind is just not acceptable! So, Northwest Airlines it is! She gets to sit by my feet and sometimes, I sneak her out of her carrier to stretch and make some fellow dog lovers smile on the plane with her ever cheery sunshine personality. 

I was so knocked out...I was asleep even before we took off, I woke up from the sound of the plane lifting off. Pumpkin was knocked out as well...maybe all the packing this past week wore her out too, just like me.

I know I've spent the past weeks being emotional about leaving the crazy beautiful city of San Francisco, our home of 2 years but last night when my parents picked us up from the airport I realized how nice it is to be home again. 

Now, I just have to find out how to get Pumpkin back used to the sound of all the birds chirping and singing in the morning or the horny frogs out in the golf course behind us?!? She goes ballistic when she hears these sounds and barks NON-STOP. It's so funny, she's really become a city dog. It used to be the sound of the sirens and drunks singing in the streets that made her nuts. Now, she doesn't mind those sounds at all....hope she adjusts soon. I need, want and love my sleep!


  1. Hey Francesca!! It seems to be the good life back home, and I am sure your crazy little dog will adapt soon, ahah! I felt the same when I left; the world collapses because you're packing and it's a huge change, but it all calms down the minute you see your family and friends, and feel the comfort of being home again... enjoy your summer and keep posting! Agathe

  2. It's a shame we never got together after class to hang out, now you're so far away! Let's stay in touch because I plan on exploring the world and will probably find myself in your neck of the woods at some point. Glad you had a safe trip and good luck with your photography, you're an extremely talented artists, really beautiful work.