Thursday, September 30, 2010

Current Project: Heroes and Heartbreakers

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Heroes and Heartbreakers is my attempt to revisit my early photo styling, influences, and inspiration found in urban art, vinyl toys and pop art. The title of the series is borrowed from a vinyl toy series I started collecting early this year. The models are motivated by typical superhero characteristics, is she a hero or a heartbreaker? The setting of the shoot took place at Clarion Alley and the photos feature the amazing murals and graffiti that can be found in this single area. I found it fitting to have the shoot take place in this environment. Alleys are common setting for super heroes and villains to battle it out. I decided to manipulate the murals and graffiti as backdrops to create further interaction between character and environment, as well as to explore elements of action and impact.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Want This More Than Life

Belief in the breeze,
The smoky morning haze.
The sun on her face,
and the touch of lovers' hands.
The pain that comes today,
Is here, then goes away.

And we are homeward bound,

And I,
I want this more than life,
I want this more than life,
I want this more than life.

To touch something real,
Will help your wounds heal,
Like the sun on your face,
The dreams of starry nights.

And we are homeward bound,
And I,
I want this more than life,
I want this more than life,
I want this more than life...

I want this more than life.

By Whitley

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Romance by The Redwalls

...Oh, that change, came over me
And I find it lovely
And all the sounds, space, and time took a break
as we listed promises that lovers make.

But falling that storms outside, the rain is coming
And I fell in love with my darling.

...So cast out by the storms and the rain and the wind
an old flame set a light again
And so all these things come back to me in waves
And i fell in love with you darling
Time goes on and feelings change
infatuation fades away
The ties that bind begin to fray
Oh oft alone and not decay

Please don't let me hear you say goodbye, darling
Please don't let me hear you say goodbye.
...Please, don't let me hear you say goodbye!
I'm in heaven when you smile. 

Sia | Breathe Me

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

International Photo Awards!

Very pleased to share that two of my entries placed in the IPA 2010. The Majestic series and It's So Good It's a Crime! placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

You can view the gallery of winners HERE.

God is so good, this is such a blessing. I am so thankful. Thank you to Gregangelo Herrera, Darkhijav Damba,Roman and Elijah Seabock, Marissa Lendhart,Velocity Circus, Brendan Ramsden and Dynamo Donut! I share all this with you. You guys are so inspiring!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Heroes and Heartbreakers Preview 2...

Photography and Styling: Francesca Balaguer
Make-up: Todd Hartman
Hair Styling: Rebecca Butz
Model: Alicia Forbrich
Photo Assistant: Merlin Jackson

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heroes and Heartbreakers Preview...

Photography and Styling: Francesca Balaguer
Make-up: Todd Hartman
Hair: Rebecca
Photo Assistant: Merlin Jackson
Model: Renata Gar

OUTTAKES: Heroes and Heartbreakers Coming Soon...

Some outtakes from the first shoot of Heroes and Heartbreakers, my new photo series featuring Characters with superhero meets Urban style photographed against famous San Francisco Street Art and Murals in Clarion Alley.

Photos by Merlin Jackson

Sending out SUPER DUPER THANKS to my amazing team that day! You guys are so much fun to work with. I loved the positive energy we all had through out the shoot. Such a pleasure working with you all!

Super Make-up Artist: Todd Hartman
Super Hair Stylist: Rebecca
Super Assistant: Merlin Jackson
Super Models: Alicia Forbrich and Renata Gar

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

I like how it is sounding a lot like the songs of Sam's Town...Oooh, I hope the rest of the songs in his album have that style.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chuck Liddell Makes Me Smile :)

Here's more proof of how Chuck Liddell brought the MMA to the mainstream. How could you be so tough and ruthless, while staying so charming and funny. I call Chuck my Teddy Bear! Hihihi :) Such a funny video, enjoy!

Thank you to Franco for finding this for me... he knows how loyal I am to the Iceman :)

Watch The Greatest Stop Motion Animated Commercial that NEVER Was

Sunday, May 9, 2010

San Frantasy: A Dream of the City By the Bay

Goldie Bridgets: Guardian of the Bay
City Skyline from Pier, San Francisco

Metal Chick 101 with Master Malone
Workshop, San Francisco

Ladies V and Antoinette
Alamo Square, San Francisco 

Catch of the Day
Swan Oyster Depot, San Francisco

Cursed Sisters of the Craft
Lovejoy's Tea Room, San Francisco

City Hall, San Francisco

Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme
Isotope Comics, San Francisco

Off With His Head!
Crown and Crumpet Tea Room, San Francisco

Fire Prince
Coit Tower, San Francisco

Mad Monkey Musician
Stern Grove, San Francisco

Ross Alley, San Francisco

Summer Of Oz
Fern Tree Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

So Good It's a Crime!
Dynamo Donut, San Francisco

Experimental Darling
Belljar, San Francisco

Golden Depression
Torpedo Wharf, San Francisco

Mystic Volution
Labyrinth at Lands End, San Francisco

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Zzz Team

My newly oranized team after my shelf gave way.

A few casualties... The most painful, losing my plants, Vicki and Mo. They were crushed under my books:(

Mo was really gone but I'm still nursing Vicki... Let's see, you can do it Vicki!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Metal Chick 101 with Kelly "The Metal Master" Malone

Kelly Malone is the owner of Workshop, the DIY haven in San Francisco. I walked into this space and was filled with ideas, I just wanted to create...not just photos, but fluffy felt stuffed toys, light bulb terrariums and a screen print designs for t-shirts! This place is industrial meets heavy metal and a ton of other things quirky cool and exciting.
I read about Kelly's story and how she came up with Workshop and was instantly intrigued, I wanted to know more and I wanted her in the photo for sure. I met with Kelly who shared her inspiration, hobbies, favorite things and I quickly learned that she was the ultimate metal chick. That's how I came up with this idea of making her this metal master craftswoman showing how to create the ultimate metal chick. If the Workshop offers everything from sewing 101 to heavy metal aerobics, I figured a Metal Chick 101 class themes photo would fit right in
The Workshop and Kelly Malone stand for some true SF qualities, creativity, community and resilience.
Thanks Kelly! You were owned it from the very first shot!
Cheers to you and Workshop:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Magic at Lovejoy's Tea Room

These sisters are cursed in love but gifted with magic and an inseparable bond. Here you catch them in the middle of their usual mix of afternoon tea, spells and witchcraft.

Muna and Gillian are the owners of the truly special Lovejoy's Tea Room in Noe Valley. This tea room is filled with so many precious treasures and antiques that add to the already warm and cozy feeling you get from all the sweet and hospitable people who help run Lovejoy's. 

Gillian was awesome in trusting my vision and immediately convincing Muna to hop on board the San Frantastico Project. Muna was who I worked with a lot for the planning of the photoshoot.  All I can say is that it was such a delight meeting these women. Muna was so accommodating and thoughtful! I never left Lovejoy's on an empty stomach. I was always treated to their aromatic teas (I love the Chestnut Tea, I had to get a bag for myself to drink at home) and their delectable sandwiches, fresh fruits, crumpets and scones (Oh, their scones with devon cream are yum-O!). 

Moving on to another pair of must-meet women, I must share more about my models. Catherine (left) and Ronia (right) are real sisters, who really practice witchcraft...the good kind. They were such troopers agreeing to pose for me with such short notice and bringing in all their own personal trinkets, ingredients, potions and yes broomsticks! If you look closely, you'll see a lightning bolt on one of the broomsticks-- the Nimbus 2000. How cool is that? It was so pleasant working with them, such a relaxed shoot!

This photo is proof that when everyone comes together and commits to a shared vision, things can really happen:) I love photography for making me discover new things about this fantastic city everyday.

To all the beautiful women who made all this possible, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

For more info see the links below:) 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

San Frantastico goes to the Belljar...

There ought, I thought, to be a ritual for being born twice - patched, retreaded and approved for the road.  ~Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar, Chapter 20

Special Thanks To:

Arabelle Raphael, Model
Scott, Make-up

I am so grateful to have you all on board this project!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It still always takes my breath away... this view and the fact that I get to see all this beauty everyday on a walk with my Pumpkin...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New members of the family...

Pumpkin the Pug, Vicki the Venus Flytrap and Francesca the Photographer would like to welcome new members of the family...

aka Mossball

aka Sexy Bamboo