Sunday, March 15, 2009

interesting and somewhat timeley for someone who doesn't really check her horoscope....

"With every step you take today, you are approaching a major turning point, so you've got to be primed and ready to act and see a great opportunity heading your way. Changes can happen at any time in your life-- if your are ready and waiting for them. It might not be comfortable for you to act quickly at first, but eventually you will get into the excitement and enjoy the unpredictability of it all. You'll never feel more in charge of your life than you do today."---03 /15/09 

Friday, March 13, 2009

-fortune cookie 03/13/09

Crazy Thursday

Had a crazy Thursday! It all started Wednesday night when I went over to Allison's (a great friend of mine who is also a real talented photographer) to help her pack up for her trip to Spain (Bon Voyage my dear... you will have a wonderful time... jealous!). Ended up taking longer than I thought and ended up finishing at 6:00am Thursday! I totally loved hanging out though... thanks for listening to me vent Allison:) Anyway, got ready for my shoot, picked equipment up and met up with Pam and headed over to Gregangelo's. Was there from around 10-6pm... pretty intense day. I worked with Darkhiya again. She's a-ma-zing! She cooks for everyone that comes in and out of Gregangelo's  house/museum/office/playground, cleans, does her own make-up, helps create the costumes and poses for me during shoots. I also was able to work with twins today. Roman and Elijah, 7 years old and sons of Tanya, another member of the company.  Thanks boys:) 
So, after one hectic day at the circus...Pam and I packed up and headed to my place. are my savior! Thank you! I couldn't have made it through the day without all your help and input. Plus, having someone to chat and laugh with on the side didn't hurt as well.

After dropping my equipment off, Pam and I headed over to Thai Stick to celebrate Note's 25th Birthday! Hurray for Note! Yummy shabu-shabu! Our whole group of photo friends (stuffed and pretty high on thai food) moved over to Sudachi for many Many soju shots to end the night, followed by like 10 hours of sleep. Yey. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's all a process...

I originally wanted to make this whole series with Gregangelo Circus a venue for me to really practice new techniques I've been learning from my  advance Photoshop and compositing class. I was getting frustrated because it seemed like my ideas just weren't coming through in the imagery. So, I just decided to drop the pressure of shooting for compositing and just did what I felt was natural and what worked for the subject and environment. The result were images I was much more pleased with. I learned that I guess there are just some techniques that work for the subject and there are others that don' point in forcing things. Plus, it lead me to explore a whole other series that I will be working on in the coming months...I'm so excited!  Watch out for that:) It's all really a process... obstacles you have to face, challenges you need to take and then finally you find what you're looking for and go for it. 

....oh, and the more I see that really REALLY pink image from the previous post...the more I am tempted to just take it down. But then again, I guess it's good to see how we evolve...