Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspired by Roman mythology, I call this one Faunus and Marica.

Gregangelo's Museum/Home is fantastic and I highly recommend anyone who's in San Francisco to drop by and take a tour. It's so worth it!
 I am more and more falling in love with this series. Aside from the final result, it is the process that I truly enjoy. I am given the opportunity to work in a more intimate environment, building relationships with the people I collaborate with, moving together towards a shared vision and making the work personal on different levels. The energy I get from all the people in the house is truly amazing. What a gift to have met all these inspiring artists before heading back to the Philippines. I'm really going to make the most out of this last month creating more memories, moments and photographs. The countdown begins... I'm not putting my camera down!

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  1. This was the best shot and the last shot on that day. ;D
    very awesome lighting.