Monday, November 16, 2009

My San Francisco Trip and the de Young Exhibit: Part4 (Minutes before the opening)

After waiting forever for my cab to come, I finally made it to the de Young. Larry and Mindo my ever-dependable buddies were there early to help document the night and offer their support. I love you both!

Minutes before the Opening...

A little nervous, but more excited.
Greg getting us together:)
The normal busyness and semi-chaos I'm used to calmed my I'm smiling.
Greg had a few people dress up in costume to work the event. Here's Greg buttoning up one of the performers with the fiber optics costume.
Darkhijav Damba working fast on make-up! She modeled and did all the make-up for the Majestic series. I couldn't have put the series together with out her sharing her amazing talent and skills. She is a lovely human being!

Our crazy adventurer/explorer who worked the crowd and the lines all night. You were great Brandon!
Talented Jim Berenholtz, also an Artist Resident of November
Outside the Gallery
Greg before welcoming the crowd
Jim giving a background on the whole installation

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