Sunday, July 26, 2009

Public Enemies

I was able to catch Public Enemies over the weekend. Johnny Depp, I love you! Haha! Seriously! Another thing I've always loved, aside from Johnny Depp are gangster films. 
I remember watching them with my dad or brother as early as the 1st grade (I know, not really recommended viewing material for a kid but I think I turned out alright:) ) I don't know why but The Lost Capone was one of the first gangster films I remember watching. After that, I was pretty much hooked. I've been drawn to the outcast, the underdog, the misunderstood. 
So, going back to Public Enemies... I knew a little about John Dillinger but then after the movie, I was so intrigued and searched the internet about him right when I got home. For those who haven't seen the movie... expect a gangster love story. Damn John Dillinger, you were a smooth talker! His confidence and character was so captivating. The relationship he had with Billie Frechette was real touching.
I enjoyed the soundtrack and the song that played every time they robbed a bank was Ten Million Slaves, for anyone who liked it as much as I did. 

If you want to know more about John Dillinger, Billie Frichette and Melvin Pervis here are some interesting links I found:

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