Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dynamo Donuts

Dynamo Donuts...So good it's a crime!

I first heard about Dynamo Donut and Coffee from a friend of mine from LA. It was part of his "must-try" list on a food trip he was planning on doing here in SF. After some research for this project, the name kept coming up...Dynamo, Dynamo, DYNAMO! This place was on every "best-of", "try-before- you- die" San Francisco list I read about. Their donuts are as unique, quirky and extraordinary as San Francisco gets. They are well known for their maple glazed bacon donut (the star in the photograph above). Let me tell you though, all the flavors are worth tasting.  Stop by the shop and be greeted by the warm and helpful staff. 

To Sara and the whole crew at Dynamo, THANK YOU! It was such a delight working with you all! Cheers to more new and exciting flavors to come!!!


  1. Ah man Chesci!I don't even know what to write! I just love love love them. Can u please take me to this place when I go visit you in SF? I can't wait to see more of San Frantastico!

    Your fan,