Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Mad Monkey Musician in Stern Grove

Here's my second addition to San Frantastico,
  Mad Monkey Musician in Stern Grove

Erythrocebus Patas, the Mad Monkey Musician is a Patas Monkey at the San Francisco Zoo. This is a photo of him during some down time from his day job at the zoo. He often gets tired of acting like an animal at the zoo and so, he escapes to Stern Grove to play his violin and listen to some classical music.

Credits and Thanks to:
Gregangelo Herrera and Jeffrey Ferns 
Dharkhijav Damba for the Make-up 
and Dominic Colacchio for being the maddest monkey!

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  1. Wow sis! I really am so amazed !! Love love love it!!!