Thursday, September 30, 2010

Current Project: Heroes and Heartbreakers

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Heroes and Heartbreakers is my attempt to revisit my early photo styling, influences, and inspiration found in urban art, vinyl toys and pop art. The title of the series is borrowed from a vinyl toy series I started collecting early this year. The models are motivated by typical superhero characteristics, is she a hero or a heartbreaker? The setting of the shoot took place at Clarion Alley and the photos feature the amazing murals and graffiti that can be found in this single area. I found it fitting to have the shoot take place in this environment. Alleys are common setting for super heroes and villains to battle it out. I decided to manipulate the murals and graffiti as backdrops to create further interaction between character and environment, as well as to explore elements of action and impact.


  1. You are such an artist!!! I love your environment manipulations!! It's also great how the shapes, colors and poses all come together to create an overall aesthetic that's playful and mysterious at the same time!

    Well done!!

    ~Todd c. Hartman

  2. Absolutely awesome!!! These are amazing photos, very very nicely edited! You are a wonderful artist Francesca... ~Alicia

  3. THANK YOU TODD!!! :) It was such a pleasure working with you, I look forward to many more collaborations. More power to you and your craft!