Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Romance by The Redwalls

...Oh, that change, came over me
And I find it lovely
And all the sounds, space, and time took a break
as we listed promises that lovers make.

But falling that storms outside, the rain is coming
And I fell in love with my darling.

...So cast out by the storms and the rain and the wind
an old flame set a light again
And so all these things come back to me in waves
And i fell in love with you darling
Time goes on and feelings change
infatuation fades away
The ties that bind begin to fray
Oh oft alone and not decay

Please don't let me hear you say goodbye, darling
Please don't let me hear you say goodbye.
...Please, don't let me hear you say goodbye!
I'm in heaven when you smile. 

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