Sunday, July 26, 2009

Detox: Liver and Gal flushing...The result after drinking a ton of juice from 8am-130pm, I had to completely fast from 2-6pm. At 6pm, I took my first epsom salt+water mixture and all I can say is YUCK! I'm sorry, but I just couldn't take it. I finished the first dose which was the most disgusitng 3/4 cup of anything I had to drink ever in my life. Eeew. I gagged almost every sip I took. I called my sister who was just about to drink her's, I said "Please, drink it while you are on the phone with me, I want to hear you gag!" She drank it and we both seriously contemplated the fact that we would have to do it all over again 3 more times, plus an olive oil and grapefruit mixture as well. I though to myself if I could drink the epsom salt mixture at 6am on an empty stomach? No. My sister's husband was like "Why are you guys doing this to yourselves?!" So, right there and then we (me and my sis Ate Dimples) made a promise to just eat healthier instead to be kinder to our body in place of the detox. Props to the many who have finished the 24hour program! For me and my Ate, we would rather pass on the ampalaya-metal-kalawang-antibiotic tasting epsom salt mixture.

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