Thursday, July 23, 2009

Detox: Liver and Galbladder Flushing

Tried the Detox with my sister Ate Dimples. It's a 24hour prcedure where you drink a bunch of different juices, both fruit and vegetable along with other things to flush out all sorts of toxins from your body. 

When we started at 8am on an empty stomach, we got together and only had saba for breakfast. Then juice every 30mins till 1:30pm. We had carrot& apple juice (this wasn't bad), malunggay-monggo-garlic soup (um, I guess not so bad), the challenge so far of the day was the broccoli-onion-cauliflower soup. Because it was the hardest to take, I thought it deserved to be photographed! 
Our drink of choice...NOT!
Acting loopy already...side effect? hehe...
How we really felt about the taste is shown below.
I still have many hours to go...many more drinks to take. Let's see how I feel in a bit. Now, I'm a bit dizzy, slight headache but overall ok. 

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